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Thursday, January 7, 2010


With an Excerpt from an Unknown Piece

We absolutely feel that we are beyond all isms and theories. In the end, we will suppress all the writing exercises of kooks and scribblers who try to impose themselves by every means on more original, minds by associating themselves with avant-garde tendencies whose ideas they have often digested poorly. We relentlessly refuse all works of purely technical virtuosity unless they serve to express a bold aesthetic rebellion. Dark, virgin forces, laughing ravishers of the impossible, audacious explorers of the peaks and the depths, we thunder our agonizing howl of beauty that crushes the verminous swarm of weaklings, the stinking multitude.


I don’t announce or promise anything. There are too many lying prophets who make pronouncements about the possibility of a new life; and there are even more vulgarians who promise the world new christs with their unredeemed blood… Who are they? I don’t know! I can’t explain!… I know I am a mixture of modesty, pride, wisdom and ignorance, of virtue, cowardice and heroism, light and gloom, logic and absurdity. I am suspended above an abyss of unexplored depth with my eye fixed on a distant peak that may be nothing more than an illusion. I know that within me are sunlit and blossoming summits like fantastic summer gardens. I also know that there are dark hidden caverns that will never see the light of day.

I have found some friends who resemble me to some extent insofar as I resemble them to some extent and we have come together to build a crystalline house on the rocks of a summit. But this is not why we consider ourselves gods. And there are eagles and there are snakes who, like the gods, love the virgin heights… and we are among them as well. We are all creatures, but creatures of the peaks, crouched together between the symbolic shrubs of a truly free art form. We will cultivate poisonous flowers of pure beauty in spite of the impish apes who live in the lowest marshlands of society and who will hurl their impotent curses toward our nest of violent hermits.

I’ve concluded my statement, but I haven’t yet defined myself. I know that anyone, even the most humble of mortals, has the right to make a statement of this kind. But I also believe that aside from having the right, the true genius should regard it as an absolute duty.

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